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We design custom Shopify websites and take care of the entire setup, handing over a functional Shopify store ready to enhance your business.

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Why Leeway?

Simple and reliable.

Shopify Partner

We are a Shopify partner, following up to date trainings and best practices.

All In One Solution

Complete services for your store including design, development and setup.

Fast & Efficient

We get you up and running fast so you can start selling.

Shopify Services

Unique to your business.

Website Design

After studying your brand and your visitors, we create you a unique and compelling store to call your own.

We provide custom designs, theme customizations and everything you need to get you online and ready to sell.

Included with each store

Some things are essential.

Shopify Online Store Setup

We provide a full setup and optimization of your store. We connect all the accounts you need, ensure everything is working perfectly and we transfer it over to you.

Theme Customization

Shopify Themes are a great starting point to get you up and running quickly. We provide customizations to highlight your brand identity.

How it works.

Simple Steps For Your Project.

# 1 design

We work with you to understand your e-commerce goals, your visitors and your long-term visions.

# 2 design
First Draft

We create a design that reflects your business and speaks to your customers. We customize in order to increase conversions and add value

# 3 design
Get Online

We get your store online, connect it with what your business needs and then transfer it over to you.

# 4 design

We offer a free 30-minute training on how to upkeep your store and continue to maximize your ROI.

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Let's talk about how we can improve your bottom line.

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