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We provide localized SEO services, giving you the tools to dominate your local market and rank your business in the search engines.

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Why Leeway?

Actionable & results oriented.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze your local competitors, then create a plan that works better.

Local Results

We help you engage with visitors nearby who are more likely to become customers.


We set you up in the right networks to begin building credibility and trust from local sources.

Local SEO Services

Benefits of home field advantage.

Local SEO

We use Google My Business, local online directories, and networking to establish your territory.

We create optimized funnels, building you valuable market authority over time.

On-Page SEO

After we audit your site, we fix any issues that may be causing you to lose ranking.

Once your site is healthy, it is essential to keep it up to date and efficient, and we provide training on how to do so for you.

Our packages include

Some things are essentials.

Google My Business

Proper optimization of your business profile can be complicated. We get you up and running and integrate the necessary networks to help you drive increased organic growth over time.

Local Keywords

Keyword research is a large enough task. Making sure to adapt it locally can be even trickier. We have industry-leading tools and experts to give us the best insights into how we can set you up to dominate the local search results.

How it works.

Simple Steps For Your Project.

# 1 design

We learn about your business, your competitors, and your market to provide you data and create a plan tailored to your needs.

# 2 design

We optimize your online presence and create the best possible starting point for your organic traffic growth.

# 3 design

We expand your reach across your local market and connect you to the right networks to continue growing passively.

# 4 design

We give you actionable insights into how you can effectively continue to build credibility and gain market share from your local competitors.

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Let's talk about how we can improve your bottom line.

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